“The book is a wonderful tribute to both Paul Newman and Howard Pearson, M.D.  It is not only inspirational to read but also documents what a few dedicated individuals can accomplish for a very special group of children.” – Errol Alden, M.D., FAAP, Retired Chief Executive Officer, American Academy of Pediatrics

The Authors

Howard A. Pearson, MD (1929 - 2016) was a distinguished pediatric hematologist/oncologist with over 300 published medical articles and several textbooks.  Dr. Pearson was Camp’s Founding Medical Director and its physician in residence for 14 summers. A graduate of Dartmouth and Harvard Medical School, Dr. Pearson started his career teaching at the University of Florida School of Medicine. In 1968, he joined the Yale Medical School faculty. Dr. Pearson was Chairman of the Department of Pediatrics at Yale for 12 years and President of the American Academy of Pediatrics in 1992-93.   He became Professor Emeritus at Yale in 2000.  "Paul's philanthropy changed my life and has enriched the lives of thousands of children in New England and subsequently around the world." 

Mary Lou Shefsky has a B.A. from Albion College and an MPH in Health Services Administration from Yale University.  She married Doc’s son Stephen in 1978 after they served together in Peace Corps Paraguay. They have both been volunteers at Camp--Mary Lou as a general volunteer and Stephen as a pediatrician.  Mary Lou is a health/nutrition consultant for early learning programs in Central Washington State, where she lives with Stephen.  "I gratefully acknowledge Doc's/Dad's finally relenting to my repeated requests to allow me to write with him about his totem poles and eventually this book--his memoir of the medical aspects of The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp. He has commented that this book would never have been written without my co-authorship."